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Listed companies more active in disclosing environmental moves

(ECNS) - More than 100 Chinese listed companies have begun disclosing their efforts in environmental protection, an indication of growing awareness to go green among businesses, Shanghai Securities News statement Thursday.

A stock analyst said the robust campaign to control pollutants by regulatory authorities has driven more public companies to meet environmental standards. Some outdated smaller companies could be knocked out of the game in the process.

Data shows that listed companies in highly polluting, high energy-consuming industries such as chemical engineering and non-ferrous metals tend to be most ready to become environment friendly due to policy influences.

Shengda Mining, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, said environmental protection will be one of its core tasks this year, with more investment in recycling of mineral processing wastewater to achieve zero pollution discharges.

Jianglong Shipbuilding, also listed in Shenzhen, said it continued to increase investment for environmental protection in 2017 and won an honor from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Zhejiang Starry Pharmaceutical, the largest maker of X-CT non-ionic contrast agents and fluoroquinolones in China, stated it passed environmental checks by authorities in Zhejiang as it continued improving measures for coping with pollutants.

A board secretary of a listed cement company told the newspaper that investment in environmental protection was clearly rising over the past two years, although the reasons can be active or passive.

Listed companies are more reluctant to take chances because environmental supervision is very strict, said a source from a textile company also listed on the stock market.

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